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Four-Color Heroines

The DC Comics Female Characters Challenge

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Welcome to Four Colour Heroines: The DC Comics Female Characters Challenge!

Like 3_ships, jbbs and yuletide (and many others) this challenge is set up in "Secret Santa" format: After signing up, participants will be assigned another participant to write for, choosing from among three to five characters their recipient wants to read more about. Unlike those other challenges, 4colorheroines is open to all DC Comics characters (but not Milestone, Vertigo or Wildstorm) -- so long as they're female.

More details and updated rules for Four-Color Heroines can be found in the first post in this journal, which is the Challenge Rules FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

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Sign up to participate in Four-Color Heroines here: http://teland.com/4ch/signup.htm

Challenge timeline

Suggestions for characters to be included: accepted until 12 January.
Sign-ups will open: no later than 19 January.
Sign up to participate in the challenge by: 12 noon (ET) on Sunday, 23 January.
Assignments will be sent out: on or around 25 January.
Deadline for participants to submit their entries: 5 March.
Stories posted for all to read: 8 March (International Women's Day).
Authors' names will be revealed: 15 March.