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The Index by Author is up and ready for your perusal.

Also, I've updated the individual story pages with all of the contact information we've received.

Mary, Corinna, and Sandy Claws? We still need your e-mail and/or lj url and/or website url, whichever you want to have on your stories. E-mail, please. :D

Y'all can still feel free to leave feedback here, but at this point? You might want to go ahead and contact the writers directly.

Also, if you have any rec posts which I haven't linked here, please let me know!
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The Reveal: Part One

As you can see by looking at your f-lists, the stories are up with the authors' names and ljs and pretty icons EXPOSED for all to see. :D

kerithwyn and wabbitseason? Please feel free to post your second stories at your convenience.

We'll be updating the archive with a by-title index sometime later today, as well as editing the stories to show the authors' names. HOWEVER.

The latter *can't* happen until we get contact information from those of you who have, as of yet, failed to provide it.

The following people still need to provide us with links to their ljs and/or e-mails and/or websites, whichever you'd like us to link to on the story pages:


K. M. Petravich
Sandy Claws

Go ahead and e-mail us with that information ASAP.

Now go see who wrote what! And send some more fb. ;-)
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Author name: jamjar
Recipient name: SelDear
Requested character(s): Barbara Gordon / Batgirl I
Story title: Ready
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, and never were.
Spoiler warnings: None, except for early Barbara Gordon storyline
Author's notes: Gen, set very early on in Batgirl's timeline, before Bruce had let her know that he knew who she was.
Acknowledgments: Thanks girl_starfish, ficbyzee and liviapenn for looking it over.

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My Generation

Author name: Allaine
Recipient name: KM Petravich
Requested character(s): Raven, Starfire
Story title: My Generation
Rating: Suitable for all ages
Spoiler warnings: Takes place between issues #12 and #13 of the current Teen Titans comic book.
Author's notes: This story has nothing to do with the animated series, so familiarity with that show is not required. Some knowledge of the events that took place during the New Teen Titans title that ran in the 1970s-80s is helpful but not necessary.
Acknowledgments: Thanks to mooncatx for her feedback and proofing.

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Making Friends

Author name: Sivi
Recipient name: Ang Griffen
Requested character(s): Barbara Gordon/Oracle, Indigo I
Story title: Making Friends
Rating: appropriate for all ages
Spoiler warnings: Vague references to the most recent issues of Outsiders; no spoilers for Birds of Prey issues released following War Games.
Acknowledgments: Thanks to everyone who held my hand and improved this story in one way or another. I would *love* to mention names, but they'd give me away. ;)

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Every Living Thing

Author name: nw's chick
Recipient name: anna_sinistra
Requested character(s): Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy
Story title: Every Living Thing
Rating: appropriate for teens and adults
Disclaimer: i don't own them, they just play with me.
Spoiler warnings: none
Author's notes: for anna_sinistra, for the 4colorheroines ficathon.
Acknowledgments: many thanks to rithy for the beta.
Summary: Ivy reflects on the nature of her attachment to Harley.

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