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Feedback: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

As we've explained in the Four-Color Heroines challenge FAQ, the identities of the authors who wrote the stories will not be revealed until one week from today, Tuesday 15 March.

But many people want to give feedback to the authors (especially if they received a story), and of course the authors all want to hear whatever feedback others have to share about the stories they wrote, without having to wait a whole week.

We looked into having a comment function on the archive, but it was too complicated and unwieldy.

Instead, you can use this post to provide and look up feedback on each of the challenge stories.

In the comments section below, you'll find each story submitted for the challenge listed alphabetically by title. Reply to the comment which has the title of the story you wish to provide feedback for. Please do not click Post Comment rather than responding to the existing comment for the story.

Off-topic comments and misplaced comments on this post may be deleted, because it is as much a tool for authors to find their feedback as for readers to give it.

ETA: Comment! Comment like the wind itself! -- Te.

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